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C H A R A C T E R    D E S I G N 


A tale of true sacrifice and revolution.....

Pulled from the slums of Archina, twins, Ziya and Zosia, are suddenly thrusted into a life of fortune and status by an unknown sponsor. However, with an endorsement of that size, demands an equal sacrifice of their own as both sisters are tested with their loyalties to their new found status and to each other. 

Bounty Heart 

            Bounty Heart is an Adventure filled Mobile Roguelite RPG where players can form a crew of bounty hunters and hunt criminals (OR be friends with them)

Music of the hills 

Hidden in the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro, Bomba grew up with the musical beats of Carnival and a desire to one day escape from his impoverished beginnings into the extraordinary performance of Carnival.


However, despite being given the opportunity to train under the best Samba School in Rio, Bomba desires to achieve a performance even greater than everyone else. Driven by that goal, Bomba creates his own ragtag team of what he believes to be the best Samba group. 

Wizard of OZ 

- This is not an ordinary retelling of The Wizard of OZ -

The last thing Dorothy saw before the accident was a pair of red shoes.


Now in a comatose state, Dorothy navigates through her subconsciousness to figure out the events before the accident and the culprit that pushed her... 

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