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Otis College of Art and Design’s Digital Media and Fashion Design departments collaborates with Activision Blizzard on an exciting and unprecedented project during the Spring of 2023. The runway takes inspiration from the Diablo franchise to create a high-fashion runway collection. The custom-designed environments follows the theme of the Archangel of Justice, "Tyrael" showcasing both in-game and runway aesthetics. 

I was assigned to create a catwalk for Tyrael, formerly the Archangel of Justice based on the garment my fashion partner, Anastaisa Knezevic created.

Tools Used

Marvelous Designer, Maya, Arnold Render, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop


Concept Designer (for Catwalk)

3D Modeler
Post Production Editing

Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 2.26.10 PM.png

Final Garment Design by Anastaisa Knezevic 

Final Marvelous Designer Design
Lighting done in Maya

Project Credits

Creative Director: Chris Eckardt, Jill Zeleznik
Blizzard Mentors: Tim McGrath, Hanna Jun, David Lomeli, Marc Meija

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